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   Darren Holt is our head teaching pro and owner of Advantage Tennis. Originally from Sussex, England, and a player from the age of 7,  Darren has taught for over 25 years, all over the east coast of the United States! Coach Darren feels extremely blessed to earn a living doing what he loves! Former Director of Operations for MG Tennis (overseeing Lake Cane Tennis Center, Ft. Gatlin Tennis Center, and others) he enjoys all aspects of the tennis industry; creating, promoting and teaching programs, giving private lessons, managing other tennis professionals, and even still playing himself! Coach Darren is also certified USPTA, CPR and First Aid.




  Darren began teaching here in Celebration in 2013, when the previous tennis pro asked Darren to take over his few lessons for an extended period of time.  Slowly but steadily, those programs began to grow!  What was once a few small groups of semi-private lessons, blossomed into a full scale tennis program! Through God's help and guidance, there are now over 70 students, both adults and children, in various programs; a ladies competitive team, junior competitive teams that play bi-annually, an evening men's league, in-house tournaments, and so many others. Coach Darren is also the Celebration High school coach, whose team went all the way to Districts last year, and coach was awarded "Coach of the Year" for the Orange Belt Conference!

  Coach Darren would love to continue to grow the tennis programs- and see the sport thrive here in town! 




  Coach Darren moved his family here to Celebration in 2014, when it became apparent it was in God's plan for them to do so. The Holt family, wife Rachel, step-son Owen, and daughter Daniela, love living here in town, and all participate in the tennis programs. Ariel, Rachel's eldest, is currently away at college in Iowa! Tennis brings this family together in so many ways; from supporting the business to supporting each other during matches! It is truly a sport the whole family can enjoy for years to come, and the time spent together playing and learning is absolutely priceless!

About the Coach!

Coach Darren