Congratulations to our recent USTA Level 8 tournament winners!! So proud of everyone!!


   Its more than a game..and its more than a just a sport! Tennis skills extend far beyond that of    

   forehands and backhands, competitions and drills. Its a grueling, yet incredibly rewarding stratagem to

   teach invaluable life lessons! Yes, even for adults..

   "Tennis is often an all-consuming sport . . . Every so often [we] have to step back and realize that tennis

   is an amazing teaching tool. The game itself is great, but the life lessons it can impart are far more

   valuable . . . discipline . . . time management . . . problem-solving and critical thinking . . . independence  .

   . . self-reliance . . . develop[ing] relationships with others."**

**Tracy Austin, Former World No. 1 and three-time Grand Slam champion from Tennis' Life Lessons, Tennis Magazine    (July-August 2015), p. 10. }                        



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